Flexible service since 1993

Easmar’s operations began with polyethylene trade from Russia to Finland. At that time, we purchased storage and forwarding services from outside. Soon, however, we began expanding our operations and, in 1994, acquired our own warehouse in Lahti Railway Yard, from which we operated until 1996.

In addition to sales and trading services, we also developed logistics solutions for plastics coming from Russia based on customer need. When Finland joined the EU, operations expanded and Petrofinn Oy joined the company. Then Easmar’s role changed from a commercial one to a logistics one. We increased our range of services, so that we could serve our customers even better. As our operations grew, we moved to the premises of Lahti Logistics Oy, as operations from then on would require a bonded warehouse.

New facilities support growth in 1998

In 1998, Kuopion Easmar Oy changed its name to Easmar Logistics Oy, which better described the new direction our operations were taking. We moved to the Kuivamaito premises in Nastola in spring the same year and, at the same time, our warehouse capacity increased to 6,000 m². We built silos and bought a ‘bulking machine’, which considerably boosted deliveries. The number of our employees increased from one to four, and we began handling raw rubber in addition to plastic. Operations in Nastola ended in 2001.

We set up our own premises in Kouvola in 2001

when we bought premises on Tehontie in August of that year. At the same time, we built additional facilities increasing the size to a total of 8,000 m². In the autumn, we also bought our own locomotive, Otso I. Our operations in Kouvola officially began in January 2002. At the time, plastic and rubber were still the dominant products and we concluded a direct agreement with Lukoil.

In 2002, we handled more than 30,000 tonnes of plastic from Russia. We also began to send export consignments to the CIS countries and soon railway transport became the largest part of our operations. In 2003, however, the share of transported plastic dropped sharply as that of paper and other similar products increased, which resulted in the handling of plastic being stopped completely in 2004. Within just a couple of years, our workforce had grown to 15.

Agreement with CNH Global in 2008

In 2008, we began acting as a factory warehouse for agricultural machinery being delivered to the CIS countries. This revolutionised our operations and we expanded them to Tiilitie in Kouvola. Expectations were high, but the financial downturn that began in 2009 saw deliveries to the CIS countries practically stop completely. Our objective had been to deliver 60% of total volume by rail, but we decided to deliver about 40% by road to Latvia and from there on to the CIS countries by rail. Only about 2% of shipments went completely by rail. This agreement ended in June 2014. It contributed to increasing our workforce to 50, not including about 20 temporary staff.

Strong development driving us forward

Because of the disintegration of the level of public services, we have begun to strongly develop the service level for railway transportation. In 2013, we acquired a safety certificate and a locomotive and, in 2014, shunting work in Kouvola Railway yard began. We are continuing with the single-minded development of transportation, bearing in mind the best interests and needs of our customers.

Easmar Logistics Oy

is a versatile logistics company that specialises in railway transportation. We offer tailored solutions, not only for railway consignments but also for land and sea shipments all over the world.

We control the entire process from the mapping of the initial situation to the required paperwork and the transportation itself. We want to save the customer time and trouble, so we are the most cost-effective service provider for our customers in logistics solutions.

Easmar Logistics Oy

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