Our Operating Principle

In recent years, Easmar has focused on developing and improving quality-related matters.

Key to our operations is a happy customer, and this is guaranteed by effective and efficient operating practices. For our quality systems (ISO9001, ISO14001 are OHSAS18001), certificates were granted in 2012, 2014 and 2017. In addition to these, we were also accredited with the chemical industry’s SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) certificate in 2011, 2014 and 2017. Constant improvement is of the utmost importance as it creates the foundation for a successful company.

Our most important competitive strength is beyond doubt quality.

Quality is guaranteed by our professional personnel, extensive experience of the industry, a lean organisation and good planning of work and projects. We monitor operations through internal auditing. We also carry out regular audits of subcontractors, which ensures that they also achieve the required level of quality,

Our operations are always based on a customer-centred approach.

Work and projects are planned according to the needs of the customers. This requires our personnel to have extensive expertise, so we also invest in personnel training. Professionally-skilled personnel are one of the foundation pillars of our entire operations. It is vitally important that we are involved in customer projects as early as the planning stage. In that way, we can go through the entire delivery chain with the customer from stage to stage, forecast possible risk factors and take precautions against them. The project will then proceed according to the timetable, and no changes need be made along the way. Good planning saves the customer time and money.

We also take environmental issues into account in our operations.

The environmental emissions of transport units are the greatest risk to the environment, so we require our subcontractors to use modern engines that emit less pollution. We also check things like the volume of our waste and its recycling. The aim is to minimise the volume of waste the ends up in landfill.

In the logistics business, safety is paramount, so there can be no compromise on occupational safety issues.

Because of this, the use of personal protective equipment, for example, is monitored daily. Employees are encouraged to report all irregular events with respect to both occupational safety issues and other operations, as recording and dealing with irregularities is very important to the development and progress of all matters. We like to monitor and develop our own operations as we want to be the most desired partner in the business.

Our Values Guide Operations in Everyday Work


  • The main idea behind our operations from the very start.
  • To be reliable and trustworthy. 


  • To be professional within the scope of our activity.
  • To be reliable, honest and open. 

Customer relationships

  • A satisfied customer determines our future growth and viability. 


  • A vital resource in all that we do.  

Easmar Logistics Oy

is a versatile logistics company that specialises in railway transportation. We offer tailored solutions, not only for railway consignments but also for land and sea shipments all over the world.

We control the entire process from the mapping of the initial situation to the required paperwork and the transportation itself. We want to save the customer time and trouble, so we are the most cost-effective service provider for our customers in logistics solutions.

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