A Unique Transportation Chain from Beginning to End

We offer comprehensive, customised logistics solutions for special transportation. Where required, we assume responsibility for the entire delivery chain from primary production to the consignese. Together with our reliable and flexible subcontractors, we can carry out even the most demanding special rail and road transportation tasks.

Each project begins with careful planning. With good planning, we achieve the best possible results cost-effectively and without unpleasant surprises. We plan the types of wagon suitable for different project consignments, their quantities and the necessary special transport permits for railways.

Our special fields of expertise include:

  • Loading into various types of railway wagons including VGK, VO, VOK, VOSK, VOF and VOFA.
  • Three bridge cranes in the storage areas for lifting heavy items.
  • Project management starting from the initial planning stage.

Easmar Logistics Oy

is a versatile logistics company that specialises in railway transportation. We offer tailored solutions, not only for railway consignments but also for land and sea shipments all over the world.

We control the entire process from the mapping of the initial situation to the required paperwork and the transportation itself. We want to save the customer time and trouble, so we are the most cost-effective service provider for our customers in logistics solutions.

Easmar Logistics Oy

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